Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Sree Ramaswammy temple Kumbakonam , Tamil nadu

Kumbakonam, in Tanjavur district abounds in temples, a city which mesmerises me. The town and surrounding areas have huge,ancient temples . I made my fifth visit to this city recently in the auspicious month of Purattasi a , month dedicated wholly to worshipping Lord Vishnu .

Sree Ramaswamy Tirukoil ( temple ) as it is known popularly ,is situated  right in the middle of the town. The colourful tall spire adds charm to the skyline. Its about 500 years old. 

The idols in the sanctum will take one's breath away; it is as if landing in the land of Lord Rama at Ayodhya for His Pattabhishekha. Life size statues of Rama , Seetha and Lakshmana along with His brothers Shatrughna and Bharatha ,stand tall to bless all the devotees. One would find Bhaktha Anjaneya kneeling down with folded hands. It is amazing to find so many  idols in one sanctum.
The Utsav moorthy of Rama ,Seetha and Lakshmana also dazzle and make us linger in front of the sanctum  till we are reminded it is time to move to make way for others.

Thoroughly enjoyed the visit. Here are a few pictures form what I clicked.

How to reach- Kumbakonam is very well connected by rail and road. Nearest airport is at Trichy

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Dwarkadeesh Temple Dwarka, Jagat Mandir-Gujarat

Dwarka, Lord Krishna's abode has a magical charm. Everything here you see belongs to him. Krishna's favourite, the cows and their calves roam the city of Dwarka very freely  as it is  their master's land. They do not trouble anyone. They are very docile and they are respected. 

Lord Krishna's  Dwarakadeesh temple towers upon the city,its yellow flag fluttering atop as if beckoning His devotees .The temple is very huge and is situated upon Gomti creek known as Jagat Mandir, the universal shrine.The spire is 43 meters high and has intricate patterns and the flag flying atop is 52 yard of cloth which  is visible from as far as 10 Kms. The temple is built of soft limestone

Idol of Krishna is always decked up with fine silks and he is worshipped by devotees lovingly by singing hymns. Devotees carrying gifts, fruits and flowers for their dear Krishna visit the temple in big processions dancing to the beats of drums and singing Krishna's glory.It is really a spectacle to watch.

The evening aarti worship should not be missed at any cost , The whole atmosphere is charged as everyone starts chanting Krishna's various names . The clang of bells, beating drums, the worship offered to Lord gives one the  feeling that Lord Krishna is just amidst you.

There are timings for various darshans . During closure of the temple Krishna is put to sleep by singing lullabies and I could see many small children sitting near Him . Here Krishna lives, It is not the idol alone we see . We feel His presence and He is treated like a young child . See, feel and  blessed if you ever get a chance to visit Dwarka.

There are many other shrine dedicated to Devaki, Balram, Uddav, Pradhuymna around the main shrine.

Mobiles phones and electronic gadget strictly prohibited in the temple. There are safety lockers available where one can leave them before one enters the temple.
it is better to avoid the services of Pandas /guide who offer help to go inside the temple.

The nearest airport is Jamnagar. 
It is 471 Kms from Ahmedabad.
One can also visit , Somanth temple Veraval while making a visit to Dwarka. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Gopi Talav - Dwarka, Gujarat

The name of Lord Krishna resonates everywhere in Dwarka. Here  everything is related to Krishna's life. The people here take pride in saying Krishna lived in their land.

20 Kms North West of Dwarka there is a Holy place called Gopi Talav. This village as you see in the photos is very  colourful , lively and each house here is a Mandir related to Krishna's life.

The soil in this place is smooth and yellow and is known as Gopi chandan; used by devotees of Krishna to make Tilak .

There is a sacred tank here with a well in the center and the Gopi chandan is extracted from it. One would find small shops selling Gopi chandan in this village. 

It is very interesting to see how fondly the villagers live in the memories of Krishna and His Gopis. It is believed that Gopis met  Krishna here and merged with Him in this place.

Certainly a place not to be missed. It is on the way to Beyt Dwarka.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Beyt Dwarka and Rukmini Mandir, Gujarath

Beyt Dwarka is an island believed to be the original abode  Lord Krishna.
The idol here was worshipped by Rukmani and the temple was established by Sri Vallabhacharya.
This is the place where Krishna met ( Bett) his friend Sudhama and hence came to be  known as Beyt Dwarka.

 One has to take a ferry  from Okha Port Jetty to reach Beyt Dwarka.
Okha port is at a distance of 32 Kms from the main Dwarka city .
The boat ride takes about 20-30 minutes . The enchanting view of the deep blue sea ,picturesque surroundings and company of sea gulls which fly above the boat makes the ride mesmerising.

The temple is situated at a distance 1.5 -2 Kilometers  from the jetty.Main deity is Krishna and there is also a shrine for Krishna and Rukmani.

No electronic gadgets are allowed and there is total ban on using cameras.

Matterns of concern-
No safety  measures are in place for the boat ride. No one to regulate the crowd.
The boat carried 150-200 people and not even a single life jacket in the boat.
Though I enjoyed the ride ,I shudder to think what would happen in case of a mishap.
Authorities must take steps to make the trip a safe one for the devotees.

Rukmani Mandir is situated at a distance of  2 Kms from the Jagat mandir - Dwarkadeesh temple.
The temple dates back to 12th century and is an architectural marvel The temple has richly carvings on the  spire and walls .
 I have included pictures of the boat ride and Sea birds and that of Rukmani Mandir.

                                                                          Rukmani Mandir

Pictures below of Boat ride to Beyt Dwarka.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Golok Dham Teerth ,Somanth- Veraval , Gujarat.

Somnath, Prabhas Patan has many temples and every grain of sand here is divine. One can spend a day or two going around the temples.Though Somnath is famous for Adhi Ling Somnatheshwar temple , this place is also very much related Lord Krishna as He started Neej Dham Yatra from here .

 Golokdham Teerth is sacred place where Krishna left behind His mortal remains and left for Vaikunta.  

This  Theerth also known as Dehotsarg Theerth, It is believed that after Krishna was hit by an arrow at Balka Teerth, He  walked here for about a distance of 4 Kms.  Here,  one can see a cluster of temples neatly  lined on the banks of Triveni Sangam at the confluence of rivers mystical Saraswathi, Hiran and Kabila. The place is calm and serene and is surrounded  by trees and greenery. Devotees can  worship here  in peace and quiet as this place does not attract much crowd like Somnath temple.

The temple has many small shrines Gita mandir, Lakshmi Narayam Mandir, Krishna Charan padukaji,( Krishna's foot prints.) Golak ghat, Kasi Viswanath Mandir, Mahaprabhuji Betakji, Bheemnath mandir and Baldev ki Gufa.

The Gita mandir was built by Birlas and here in this  temple Krishna is the main deity.The pillars of this temple is engraved  with all the slokas of Bhagawad Gita.

In Brief- This is the sacred place where Krishna avatara came to an end.

Please got through the pictures I captured.