Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Jagadish Mandir, Udaipur , Rajasthan

Jagdish Mandir is an iconic temple  in Udaipur   and is situated atop a small hill. This temple in the lake city was built by Maharana Jagatsingh in 1651.The temple is a magnificent edifice, the whole  structure built completely in marble and has intricate carvings on every inch of this temple.

The presiding deity here is Lord of Universe Jagadish ; Lord Vishnu.
Dressed in bright silks and ornaments the deity's eyes hold you under His spell.
The mount of Lord Vishnu;Garuda here is  a bronze idol,  is very charming and has  a   shrine  facing the main deity,
There are sub shrines around the temple and the surroundings are maintained very well.
A flight of stairs leads one to the temple and one can totally enjoy  peace here. 
No one would leave this temple in a hurry as the peace and divine vibrations here hold you spell bound.
The pale glow of setting Sun presented an extra aura around the temple  as we visited in the evening. One can forget the outside world and focus on the divinity here.
Sharing a small collection of pictures.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sri Lakshmi Gunja Narasimha temple- T. Narsipur

Lakshmi Gunja Narasimha temple  is situated at Tiru Narasipur Panchayat.
The Triveni sangam of river Kaveri, Kabini and Spatika is just opposite the temple .

The small village presents a perfect picture any would love to see. Sylvan surroundings,the cool breeze, the river flowing in front., cattle roaming peacefully, birds chirping is enough for anyone to forget self and get drown in the total scene.

The temple is at 35 kms from Mysore.
The town derives its name from the temple deity.

 Lord Narasimha  is seated here with a  small Gulganji seed in his hand.  This temple is as as sacred as Kashi, as said by the Lord Himself.,this was in response to  his great devotee a washerman,who built the temple on orders of the Lord .After building the temple he wanted to attain moksha by visiting Kashi. Lord Narasimha told him he has already attained more punya by the weight of a gulganji than by visiting kashi .

More details can be found here
There are also shrines for Thayar , Andal and other Acharyas.
There is a huge Gulganji tree in front of the temple.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Triveni Sangam at T.Narasipur or Tirumakudalu Narsipura, Mysore

35 Kms from Mysore is the town Panchayat of T . Narsipura, a place famous for Triveni sangam.
The place at the confluence is known as Trimakudalu Narsipura.
This  place is very serene and made divine by the  confluence of Kabni, Kaveri and Spatika  [Spatika- is actually is a mythical spring also known as Gupta Gamini ] Many come here to offer worship.
Every three years Kumbhamela takes place here and  thousands converge here for having a dip  in the sacred waters.
There are temples of Siva and Vishnu on the banks of the river and on left it is Gunja Narasimha temple which I visited.This holy town takes its name from the Lord Narasimha here .Shall post soon about the Narasimha temple.
The mode of transport are coracles and for a small fee they transport pilgrims to the spot of sangamam. Check pictures for coracles.