Friday, September 1, 2017

Nageshwara Swamy temple- Kumbakonam

Nageshwara Swamy  temple is yet  another ancient temple in the center of the town of Kumbakonam.
Shiva here is known  as Nageshwarar and is a swaymbumurthy.( self manifestation)

This is an important Shivalayam. Saint Tirunavukarasar has praised the lord here singing hymns.

Amman here is known as Brihma Nayagi

This temple was constructed by Cholas in 9th century.
The sanctum is designed akin to that of Sarangapani like a chariot. (Check pictures)
The sanctum sanctorum is designed in such a way that the  Sun light bathes the presiding deity during the first 3 days of Chittirai month
One can walk down to this temple from Sarangapani temple an important Vishnu desam
There is a shrine for Rahu here .
It is also believed that Adisesha, Takshan and Karkodan sought Shiva's and Amman's blessings here by praying here.
Please do visit the other Nagheshwara Swamy temple is in Tirunageshwaram 7 Kms from Kumbakonam, this is Rahu sthalam ,one of the Navagraha temples.

temple timing 6.30 am-12.30pm
4.30-9 pm

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Chennakesava temple - Somanthpura, Karnataka

Around 35 Kms from Mysuru town is the temple of Chennakesava yet another wonder from Hoysala rulers.This temple is smaller than Halebidu temples and Belur but still magnificient with exquisite craftsmanship.
Here also like Belur temple Krishna is the presiding deity is a  kept in a well protected casing.
As per history this was built by Soma , the commander in chief of Narasimha III when Hoysala empire was a major power in South India.

There is no worship in this temple and is a great tourist attraction for those who love to visit monuments.
My pictures would speak better than my description so please see my collection.
Temple timings- 9 Am- 5.30 pm


Saturday, August 26, 2017

Chennakesava temple, Belur Hasan district, Karnataka

Chennakesava temple at Belur in Hasan district is yet another example of Hoysala architecture. Built around 12th century, Chenna Kesava means Handsome Keshava and it refers to  Lord Krishna.

This temple has a South Indian multi tiered Rajagopuram which is visible from a great distance .
The temple houses an idol of Vishnu and daily rituals and worship is conducted here.

The view of the temple as one enters the gopuram is splendid. there is huge flag post in front of the temple. There is also statue of Garuda , Vishnu's mount in front of the flag post.

The ornate work on stone is akin to Hoysaleshwara temple. The figurines on top of each pillar in front of the sanctum would leave one wonder struck as it depicts fine carvings with lot detailing done with ornaments. The guides in the temple give detailed description of each statue and one can carry cameras and shoot to ones's content.

This temple is just around 16 kms from Hoysaleshwara temple.
Timings- This temple opens its doors at 7 Am and remains open til evening with no break during lunch hours.