Friday, February 17, 2017

Vaikunta Nathar 6, Tirunangur temple, Near Sirkazhi

This temple has  Vainkunta Nathar, Lord Maha Vishnu blessing His devotees sitting on Adisesha. One leg is curled up ,bend at  the knees other let down as if he is  is waiting to rush to help those who completely surrender to him. The same idol, I have seen in Poornathrayeesa temple , Trippunithura in Kerala.
This temple has no other shrines.
There are idols of Santhana Krishna and consorts of Lord Vishnu in the sanctum.

Here the Moolavigraha( the main idol) and Utsavar are similar idols.
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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Vanpuroshothamar ,5th temple Tirunangur Divyadesam,

 This is the 5th Tirunangur Divyadesam I visited and Lord Vishnu here is known as Vanpurushthomar and His consort is Purushothama Nayaki. This ancient temple is believed to be 1000 years old .
Lord here blesses his devotees from a standing position and  there are also shrines here for Aanjaneya, Chakrvarthi Thirumagan and Manavala Mamunigal.
The temple tank here is known as Tiruparkadal Pushkarani.
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Last picture depicts a map of a few temples.
1.Tiru Annan Koil

2. Tiru Manimada koil- Narayana Perumal

3.Arimeya Vinnagaram - Koodamaatukoothan

4 Pallikonda Perumal

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pallikonda Perumal .4th Tirunangur Temple

This  is yet another ancient temple of Vishnu Tirupati . Here we find Lord Vishnu reclining on serpent Adisesha and known as Ranganatha .
Senkamalavalli Thayar is the consort of Ranganatha Swamy
Garuda Azhwar sannidhi is right in front of the main shrine.

Inside  the temple we find small idols of Azhwars .
These temples do not get much crowd except during the festivals .
The temple is very old, small  and ordinary  and we find an idol of Ranganatha on Adisesha above  the main entrance.
I just wonder why these temples were not constructed as grand as other temples which we see in Chidambaram, Sirkazhi or Kumbakonam.
All Tirunangur temples can be visited in half a day. 
Try to start around 8 Am so that it can be completed before 12.Noon.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Arimeya Vinnagaram or Kudamattukoothan 3. Tirunangur temples.

This temple is one among the 11 Vaishnava Tirupatis of  Tirunangur temples associated with Tirumangai Azhwar .

 Lord Vishnu here is in a sitting posture and is known as Koodamattukoothan and and His consort is  Amrithavalli Thayar,

There are separate shrines for Andal and  Rama.

Lord Vishnu appeared as Gopala Krishna to sage Uthanga  hence the Utsavar here is Sri Gopala Krishna

Here we find Chakravarthy Thazhwar idol in a  sitting posture.

The temple has a small 3 tier Gopuram and is situated in a village surrounded by lush green paddy fields. 

It is better to visit these temples during day time .
Temple timing 8 am- 12 Am., evening 4 Pm -7 Pm
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Monday, January 16, 2017

Tirumanimada Koil-Narayana perumal 2. Tirunangur temples

The next temple I visited was of Narayana Perumal.
This temple is  bigger than Annan Koil.
It is believed that Lord Badrinarayana appeared here to Shiva when he appeared in His 11 divine forms.
Goddess  Padmathi Tayar is known here as Pundareega Valli Thayar.
All the other deities from other Tirunangur divyadesams  arrive here in  this temple in a procession during the Thai month on no moon day  in their Garuda Vahanams.
Thirumangai Azhwar also arrives here from Tirunagari and hymns composed by him are sung during the festival.
Temple timings are 8 Am-11.30 Pm
Evening 5.30-7.30 Pm